The Lens of Love: #WhyRemainCatholic

I am Catholic because of the Eucharist. The body, blood, soul and divinity of my Savior is the lens that allows me to look into the hidden universe of Love. Without the Eucharist, my spiritual vision is limited to the conquering monotony of my own self-interest. Nothing I can do, read, eat or think on my own can bring into my line of vision the place of Peace–even though fulfillment seems right around the corner, beyond the next accomplishment.

But when I kneel before the altar of the Lamb, I can see Faith fulfilled, Hope realized, and Love inhabited. In Love live all the righteous I have ever known. Beings of pure spirit crowd thick in every corner and corridor. Here flow the wellsprings of prophecy, poetry and physics, miracles and music, time and truth. Here, men part the sea and the wounds of martyrs are healed. Here in this place of paradox, a virgin gives birth and a carpenter-God’s master craft is his own mangled body nailed to a cross.

All these wonders are visible only in Love, through Love and with Love. This Love is everywhere around me–whispering in nature, beaming out from a stranger’s smile, or tugging me away from the edge of a bad decision. But it is most visible in a tiny wafer held high by an ordinary man on a Sunday morning. Through this lens, I can peer into Love as He was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

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