Random Acts of Catholic: The Challenges

1. Kneel for the length of time it takes to say a Rosary (and say the Rosary!). Offer up any physical discomfort for all those who are unable to kneel because of age or illness.

2. Pause and say a Hail Mary when you see or hear a fire truck, police car or ambulance go by. Pray for the first responders and anyone who might be in danger.

3. Dress up more than you usually would to honor our Lord at Sunday Mass. If you’re a man, this might mean wearing a button-up or a tie. If you’re a woman, this might mean wearing a dress or even a veil, hat or headscarf.

4. Seek out and say a written prayer you have never said before!

5. Recite a Litany.

6. Go to Adoration and spend at least an hour with Jesus in the Eucharist.

7. Spend at least half an hour reading a book of Holy Scripture that you have never understood or read before. Before you begin, ask God to enlighten you through what you read. After you read, spend at least fifteen minutes reflecting on what you learned.

8. Pick an extra day to fast like you would during Ash Wednesday/Good Friday. Offer up your hunger for those who go hungry every day.

9. Make a pilgrimage. This can be as simple as stopping to visit a less-familiar Church or holy landmark in your town, or as grand as visiting a shrine or church that is across the state!

10. Light a candle at your parish Church and dedicate your offering in prayer for those who do not believe in God.

11. Combine your prayer with exercise. Go on a walk while praying your Rosary, say Hail Marys through your push-ups or lifts, or offer your next sports endeavor to God through the intercession of St. Sebastian, patron of athletes.

12. Buy the meal, groceries or coffee of the person behind you in line or the round of drinks for the people at the next table.

13. Buy a new article of clothing for your local St. Vincent de Paul, homeless charity, or crisis pregnancy center. This could be anything from a pair of warm gloves to a baby’s layette to a business suit!

14. Give blood. Offer up any discomfort or fear for those who have a life-threatening illness.

15. Call or text and check up with a friend who has an addiction or a mood disorder like depression or anxiety.

16. Visit a nursing home or an elderly friend or relative and just hang out with them.

17. Visit a cemetery and pray for the souls of those whose graves look lonely or forgotten.

18. Write a letter to or even visit with a friend or acquaintance who is incarcerated.

19. Donate to you local homeless shelter, crisis center, or Habitat for Humanity. This donation can be of time or money.

20. Pray the Stations of the Cross.

21. Go to Mass on a Day it isn’t required.

22. Honor God in His creation by doing a kindness for the environment or an animal. Offer it to Jesus through the intercession of St Francis.

23. Stop whatever you are doing and say the Angelus Prayer at noon.

24. Leave a holy card with a prayer on it in a public place.

25. Wear a Scapular outside your clothes for a day. Explain it kindly and patiently to anyone and everyone who asks.

26. Speak out against something sinful you see, online or in real life. Then, don’t fight back against any resulting ridicule or opposition, and instead, offer it up for the person’s soul.

27. Bite your tongue. Remain silent about something that annoys you or an unjust treatment or accusation, online or in real life. Instead, offer it up for the person’s soul.

28. Build someone up. Give someone an unexpected sincere compliment, online or in real life, and say a silent prayer for them.

29. Ask someone you don’t know very well how you can pray for them. Then, do it!

30. Ask someone you’ve had differences or arguments with for their forgiveness for any time you might have hurt them. Don’t expect forgiveness in return.

31. Reach out to the religious! Invite your priest for lunch, go visit a convent, deliver a meal to the rectory, or just send a thank you card to a consecrated person who has changed your life for the better.

32. Dedicate a sacrifice today for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Go without coffee or Facebook, take a cold shower instead of a warm one, do a household chore you despise, etc.

33. Ask your priest or deacon to bless some salt for you. Use it to cook with or to bless your home!

35. Get to Mass early enough to say a Rosary or another devotion. Stay in your pew until the last hymn is fully over.

36. “Meet” a new Saint. Pick a saint you’ve never heard of and spend some time learning about their life. Then ask for his or her intercession.

37. Proclaim your beliefs. Use your social media to post the Apostles or Nicene Creed, or the statement “I believe and affirm everything the Holy Catholic Church teaches.” If you receive any jokes or pushback, remain silent and offer it up for the person’s soul.

38. Call and talk to your grandparents, parents or children and tell them you love them.

39. Substitute spiritual music for secular music for a whole day (radio, Spotify, etc.)

40. Wake up fifteen minutes earlier than usual to pray.

41. Do an unexpected favor for a spouse, child, parent, friend, etc.

42. Put an extra five dollars in the collection basket.

43. Say a Rosary for vocations.

44. Help out the family of a new baby or a family with small kids: bring them a meal, babysit so the parents can have time together, come over and do their laundry, etc.

45. Say a Rosary for all those whose lives our culture considers less than worthy (the unborn, elderly, terminally and chronically ill, disabled, imprisoned, addicted, in poverty, etc.)

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