Like Mother, Like Daughter

My three-year-old and I both got our first haircuts this week at The Salon and Spa of Sedalia!

Well, she got her first haircut. I got my first haircut since my husband buzzed my head in the backyard before my second go with chemo.



A beautiful salon, relaxing shampoo and head massage, that scissors noise that makes a good chill run down the back of your neck, a warm-air blow dry: everything you’ve ever dreamed a haircut could be.

Kiddo was nervous at first, but she got the hang of it. She said the warm water in her hair was the best part. But it also could have been the root-beer flavored sucker.


We both just got a trim, but I also got advice on how to manage hair that’s curly for the first time in my life, short for the first time since I had that sweet bowl cut in the first grade and thicker than it’s ever been.


Chemotherapy does weird things to your body from head to toe, but this is a change I think I can handle. The first time I lost my hair, I was nonplussed.

“Get this mop off my head, for goodness sake, I have cancer! Hair is the least of my worries!”

I was mostly worried about what my daughter would think of it, but she took it all in stride.

“MOM! You’re BALD! Like a BALD EAGLE!”

The second time I lost my hair, it was more of a bummer. I was “cancer-free” by that point, just doing clean-up chemo, and tired of not feeling pretty and feminine. Surprisingly though, I’ve enjoyed the transition as my hair has grown in again and even actually like my short hair! I’ve moved from the cue-ball …


To the Sinead …


To the Rosemary’s Baby …


and I’m excited to see what comes next. I’m super excited to go on more salon dates with my daughter, and we’ll continue to patronize The Salon and Spa of Sedalia. Lynette and her colleagues were absolute professionals: patient and friendly with my daughter, compassionate to me and knowledgeable about everything from kid hair to post-chemo hair. If you are a cancer survivor, love a cancer survivor, or just want a great haircut, these are the ladies you need in your life!



4 thoughts on “Like Mother, Like Daughter

  1. What a beautiful post! Love that you had a mom and daughter day. Love your resilient attitude about your chemo experience. I have a dear friend having her first chemo tomorrow…don’t know what to say except I love you and I am rooting for you. Any ideas?


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