Divine Mercy for Mama

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It’s Bubba’s baptism anniversary today!

It is also Divine Mercy Sunday.

I limped through the Divine Mercy Novena this week, fending off crying children, procrastinating until late at night, then falling asleep in the middle of His sorrowful passion.

This morning, the three-year-old cried because it was too cold to wear her jelly sandals. The newly-toddling baby fell and gave himself a shiner. My car had a low tire. We had to change car seats and vehicles. We couldn’t find the checkbook for our offering. I called my husband a “mansplainer” on the way to church, when I could have just been patient and kind (sorry, friend). The three-year-old cried because her hat kept falling off. We were nearly late for Mass. We had to sit in the back. Bubba hit his head on the pew, again, twice.

But then, somewhere between the petitions and the Eucharistic prayer, my baby raised his eyes, looked at the crucifix, and said, “HAI JEE-JUH!”

Jesus is merciful.

He is mercifiul not only to the little children, to the meek and humble, to the devout, the religious, those who glorify Him.

He is merciful to all mankind, especially to sinners. Even souls who have become lukewarm, like me.

“O Most Compassionate Jesus, exercise the omnipotence of Your mercy and draw me into the very ardor of Your love. Bestow upon me the gift of holy love, for nothing is beyond your power.”

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